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Have you come across a great video lately that made you laugh, astonished you or made you enthusiastic? Such videos have become more common, as the technology to record videos gets simpler and readily available, for example by using webcams and the video capability of phones and tablets. Video is offering a new way to capture stories about science. What is your story?   

Science on the Street is announcing a competition for the best short science video. We expect contributions in which you, as a scientist, use video to explain in your own unique, but popular, way your scientific work, achievements, ideas or to present an experiment. The video should be aimed at the general public interested in science. Scientists from all research fields are invited to contribute. We encourage teamwork, and innovative approaches.

  • Your video must be no more than 3 minutes long, including title and credits.
  • It can have either a spoken explanation or subtitles
  • You can add music (please do not use copyrighted material!)
  • You can contribute up to three videos
  • Information about the author/s should contain name, surname, institution, e-mail (please take care about adequate consideration of authorship)
  • ! NEW Deadline:  6th September 2015

Please send the contribution by e-mail to, subject ZnC-video. If the video is too large for e-mail, please upload it to YouTube or Vimeo and send the link by e-mail, or alternatively, send it via Wetransfer or similar.

The best videos will be awarded:

  • 1st Prize: 300 EUR, each member of the winning team will also receive ZnC T-shirt
  • 2nd and 3rd Prize: ZnC T-shirts for each member of the winning team

The main judging criteria will be based on the message, interestingness, clarity, creativeness, and scientific relevance.

The results will be published at and on Science of the Street’s Facebook profile and prizes awarded on the occasion of the first lecture in the 6th Cycle of “Science on the Street” (October 7th, 2015).

For further information, please contact

All contributors to the competition guarantee the authorship of the submitted videos and their parts. By submitting their videos they agree to allow the organizer to publish the Videos on the organizer’s website, which will be exclusively for non-commercial purposes, namely, for science promotion.
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