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Cup of Science

Kavarna Union, Ljubljana

Wednesday, 11 October 2017, 19h

Industrial accidents - how to understand them?

Free tickets

prof. dr. Marko Gerbec, Institut "Jožef Stefan"

moderator: Mojca Delač, RTV Slovenija

Wednesday, 8. November 2017, 19h

Many faces of beer

prof. dr. Tomaž Požrl, Katedra za tehnologije, prehrano in vino, Biotehniška fakulteta, UL

moderator: Luka Hvalc, Val 202

Science Behind the Microphone

SATENA will award the best short presentation of doctoral thesis in 2017.

Science Among Books

Knjigarni Konzorcij

Public science talks with Renata Dacinger. Free entry.

Thursday, 5. October 2017, 18h

Fungi in the clouds, new discoveries of extreme fungi on Iceland and Greenland

prof. dr. Nina Gunder Cimerman, Biotehniška fakulteta, UL

Thursday, 2. November 2017, 18h

Healing fungi

prof. dr. Franc Pohleven, Biotehniška fakulteta, UL

Thursday, 7. December 2017, 18h

How well do we know our 100 billion cells?

prof. dr. Mateja Erdani Kreft, Medicinska fakulteta, UL

Science on the Stage: Aquarium

Water adventure for children

Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana

Announcement for competition »Science behind the microphone«

SATENA, in conjunction with »Science on the street«, gives an award for the best public short presentation of PhD work (until the end of 2016)

Science on the street lectures are always readily available on the web, on a blog, podcasts or on Videolectures.


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